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The Volvo C40 Recharge Offers Something Different

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If you're interested in getting an all-electric crossover in East Hartford, you'll want to check out the all-new Volvo C40 Recharge from Volvo Cars East Hartford. This is the company's first all-electric crossover. It's stylish and modern, and it's clear that Volvo has put in a lot of thought into its design. And you can find it in Santa Ana.

Everything about the C40 is refreshing. It has a leather-free interior and partially recycled carpets to minimize its environmental impact during your commute in Hartford.

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The Volvo C40 Recharge

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The Volvo C40 is among the luxurious electric vehicles in Plano. It has great acceleration, standing out from the rest in the segment. The Volvo C40 looks stylish inside and out. The vehicle can accommodate up to five passengers, which is suitable for a growing family. Our dealership offers the Volvo C40 at a reasonable price. Please come and test drive the Volvo C40. Our car experts will guide you through owning the Volvo C40.
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Volvo v. Mercedes-Benz

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To be perfectly transparent, it seems some luxury automakers go out of their way to be confusing in the panoply of models and trims offered East Hartford. Though, this may be considered a "divide and conquer" approach, wherein the deeper you venture, the more complicated the model, options related and, of course, expense.

At Gengras Volvo Cars of East Hartford, we wish to compare the Scandinavian simplicity of the Volvo lineup against ever-complicated, Mercedes-Benz offerings – perhaps mired in too much luxury and detail.

Volvo v. Mercedes-Benz 

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Trade in Your Current Model for Luxury

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Have you been considering getting your hands on a new vehicle this year? 2022 is the year to do it and do it well with a new Volvo. In addition to the lineup of luxury Volvo vehicles being innovative, updated, and spectacular for 2022, you can also enjoy an updated trade-in experience with our easy online appraisal process. Getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle without squandering the quality or value of your previous one is possible with your local Gengras Volvo Cars dealership. Get started today!

How Our Online Trade-In Process Works

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The Volvo C40: The First Electric Volvo

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Looking towards the future and seeing an all-electric model in your midst? Consider the new 2022 Volvo C40. This dynamic powerhouse is the key to your electrified dreams. Stop by our local Gengras Volvo Cars to shop for yours with our experts today.

All About Power

This is an all-electric vehicle with plenty of pizzazz. Its powertrain consists of a dual electric motor system that produces up to 403-horsepower and is designed to drive for about 225-miles before needing another charge. 

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How Often Should You Get an Oil Change for Your Volvo?

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To a lot of drivers, getting an oil change can feel like more of an arbitrary chore than an important part of car upkeep. If you're being proactive and getting your oil changed regularly, then you'll likely never see exactly what happens if you don't. Slacking on oil changes can be an expensive, eye-opening experience for first-time drivers, and there's a whole roster of nasty surprises (and expenses) you can save by staying on top of it.


Thankfully, there are only a few basic things you need to learn in order to keep your Volvo's…

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The 2022 Volvo C40 vs. the 2022 Volvo XC40

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Two Exceptional Cars, One Electrifying Brand


To put it mildly, this has been a good year for Volvo. Exciting changes are happening across multiple aspects of Volvo's lineup, especially where e-mobility is concerned. Two vehicles, in particular-the C40 and the XC40-have been generating incredible buzz over the past year. Both vehicles offer an SUV experience that's equal parts cutting-edge and refined. That said, they come with unique strengths that make them best suited to different types of drivers.

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