Performance Specs and Engine Options of the Volvo XC90

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Everything from Volvo XC90 performance specs to top-of-the-line engine options features to push your daily drive into the outstanding territory. Just consider this lavish SUV’s performance specs.

Here are the Volvo XC90 exceptional performance features:

It is easy for drivers to aim solely at the engines and XC90 mpg ratings, but there is a lot more going on here that makes it even much more attractive.


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The Volvo V90: Experience The Luxury

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Luxury wagons are becoming popular once again, and if you’re looking to turn heads in the North Haven area, no luxury wagon will do the trick quite like the new Volvo V90. With sleek, elegant styling, impressive performance, and plenty of tech, the new Volvo V90 offers both versatility and luxury in one stunning package.

Volvo V90 Performance

The Volvo V90 takes advantage of a 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged engine to deliver 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, plus all-wheel drive capability to help you manage a variety of road conditions.

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What Are The Best Tires To Survive the Connecticut Summer Heat?

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Your tires are a very important part of your car. A fun summer trip can be easily ruined if you have a blown tire that makes you have to stop and change it by the road. That's why you should get the right tires for the season. While many brands claim to be "all-season" tires, some aren't able to withstand high temperatures as well as others. We have provided you with ways to be prepared for the CT summer heat with new tires from Gengras Volvo Cars East Hartford.
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The Durability of the Volvo XC60

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Typically when you are purchasing a vehicle you are thinking about the long-haul, and one of the first questions you ask yourself is how long is this vehicle going to last you. May car buyers want a return on their investment. So when you're investing money into a vehicle then it's important to choose a brand and model that will stand the test of time.


That brand is Volvo, and on average, their vehicles' lifespan lasts a whopping 19.7 years.

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Top Tips to Reduce Glare!

At Gengras Volvo in East Hartford, CT, our team has excellent tips to help you reduce the glare while you drive. If you struggle with glare in the evening or the morning, it can be hard to have good enough visibility to drive safely. Consider these tips for an easier commute.

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Volvo is Dog Friendly!

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If you are a dog-parent then you are probably interested in a vehicle that is dog friendly. It is actually estimated that 55% of people look for a car that is dog-friendly. Volvo is the perfect vehicle for any dog owner who likes to travel with their pooch. 

Having a vehicle with a rear liftgate is just one of the features that will make it easier for you to accommodate your pets. This will make it lot easier for you to get your dog in and out of the car especially if they are an older dog. 


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The Volvo V60 Momentum is a Commuters Dream

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When it comes to commuting and traveling there are numerous automobiles that will take care of your travel needs. However, the Volvo V60 Momentum is definitely the prime choice for commuters especially when it comes to the wagon class of vehicles. The V60 Momentum is a smooth-sailing wagon that comes equipped with front-wheel drive, and it hosts a four-cylinder engine that comes in 2.0 liters, and able to generate up to 250 horsepower. Pound-feet of torque will come in at 258. It is estimated that drivers will get at least 23 mpg in the city. Up to 34 mpg…
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The Volvo XC40 R-Design Features

1280 × 720The Volvo XC40 has become a favorite vehicle choice for car owners that prefer a compact vehicle that is easy to handle while also including all of the luxurious features Volvo is known for. The R-Design has a number of design and style features that are unique to the trim level.

The exterior of this SUV is both stylish and sporty. No matter what color you choose for the body of the vehicle the grille, side window surrounds, side mirrors, roof, and skid plates come in a glossy black. Now new owners will also have the option of choose between…

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