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Regardless of what car you own, it can be easy to avoid thinking about your tires until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, things going wrong can be downright dangerous-and expensive too! 


While tires can be easy to neglect, keeping them in good shape is key in maximizing your new Volvo's performance, comfort, and safety. It's suggested to replace tires after six years of normal driving, although plenty of factors can shorten their lifespan. Consistently driving in extreme heat, cold, or along rough roads can compound the wear that your tires experience, and significantly shorten their lifespan. 


To give you a better idea of why you want to be mindful of your tire condition, here are some of the main benefits of keeping the tires up-to-date on your new Volvo car! 


You'll Be Able to Make the Most of Your Volvo's Performance


New Volvo cars are known for their responsive handling and powerful powertrains. From the 2021 Volvo XC40 to the 2021 Volvo V90, these cars give drivers incredible control over the road. Keeping your tires fresh, current, and weather-appropriate helps you to maximize all of the subtle engineering optimizations that Volvo makes to increase on-road performance.


Over time, your tires will begin to wear down in ways that affect your car's performance. As you drive your Volvo around, the friction of the road will naturally start to grind away the texture of your tire treads. While it takes a long time for the tread to wear away completely, you can start seeing an impact on your Volvo's performance long before that happens. 


Once your tires wear down enough, you'll start seeing a difference in how smoothly your Volvo accelerates, along with its responsiveness in managing turns or navigating tight roads. You can avoid seeing any loss in your vehicle's output by sticking to your dealership's recommended timeline for replacing tires, along with being proactive if road debris speeds up their wear and tear. 


Better Tires = Smoother Drive


Volvo cars aren't just dynamic on the road, they also make for smooth, comfortable, and quiet rides. In addition to specially tuning their powertrains to better absorb the stress of the road, Volvo also takes considerable care to insulate interiors against road noise. This translates to a quiet, relaxing, and consistent driving experience. 


As with your new Volvo car's performance, you'll also start to see some of these benefits dampen as your tires degrade. Worn-down tires are less resistant to the friction of the road, meaning that you'll be feeling potholes and peeling asphalt a lot more as time goes on. Keep your ride smooth and your interior quiet by staying mindful of your tire condition. As with all things in car repair, once you start to hear unfamiliar noises, consult your local Volvo dealership. 


After all, Volvo's innovations in-cabin comfort are a major draw for new Volvo cars, so you might as well make sure your tires let you enjoy these benefits!


You'll Be Less Vulnerable to the Weather


Fresh tires are safe tires, especially if you're dealing with road conditions that require weather-specific treads. Driving in heavy rain or snow means there are significantly more considerations on the road that you have to navigate in order to drive safely, and these factors get even spookier if your Volvo isn't equipped with the right tires. 


If you live in an area that gets heavy rain or snow, it's invaluable to invest in a good set of winter tires. 


Winter tires are exactly what they sound like: tires that are designed to better grip the road in cold and damp conditions. The specialty grips in these tires translate to better handling on ice, easier movement through the snow, and a dramatically lower chance you'll be unable to back over snow drifts or ice patches. While you shouldn't keep your winter tires on your car year-round, switching to them during colder months is a good idea.


You'll Be Saving Money in the Long Run


As with all things car-related, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Being proactive with your car's upkeep is almost always less expensive than dealing with a breakdown or accident. Whatever money you save by neglecting your vehicle's tires is instantly lost if a tire burst on the highway or you're unable to generate enough traction to brake at an intersection. 


After the last three bullet points, you can probably guess where this is going. Keeping your tires maintained is a good idea, if not just to decrease the risk of getting into an accident or being stranded with a flat tire. Volvo cars come with all sorts of amazing innovations in driver technology, and a robust set of tires is your key to enjoying all of them. 


If you'd like more information on why your tires matter, or want to experience top-notch tire service for your Volvo car, then swing by Gengras Volvo today!