There's nothing like seeing fluid leaking underneath your car and not knowing what's dripping or leaving a puddle. The first thing that you need to do is determine where the leak is coming from as some fluids are from the front of your car while others might be seen toward the center of your vehicle. Gengras Volvo can put your car on a lift to get a better look.

If you see water leaking from your car, it could be because you had the air conditioner on while traveling in East Hartford, CT. This is usually normal and shouldn't be cause for concern. However, if you see green fluid, then it's likely antifreeze and could indicate an issue with the radiator hose or the radiator itself.

A fluid that your motor needs to operate properly is oil. If you notice a brown fluid under your car, then it could be oil and could result in a locked motor if you don't find the source of the leak. If the oil is dark brown, then it could mean that there are particles in your oil, which would indicate an oil change is needed as well as a quick look to ensure the head gasket and other components aren't damaged.

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