Clearing unnecessary and unwanted items out of a car's trunk could improve fuel economy. Doing so also allows a driver to add space for winter-specific items, such as blankets and ice scrapers. Winter car care does require taking extra steps. Performing more consistent tire air pressure checks seems helpful since air pressure might drop in cold weather.

Maybe the vehicle would benefit from installing winter tires. The added traction could better deal with snowy and icy roads. Winter windshield wiper blades could be best suited to snow season weather, too.

Dead batteries seem more commonplace in the winter. Will you soon need to replace your old battery? Now might be the time to get one. And what about oil and coolant fluid changes? They might be coming due, so don't be late. Going with a better motor oil viscosity, one intended for East Hartford winters could flow better.

Gengras Volvo offers all kinds of winter car care work. Ask about our maintenance offers and deals.


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