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Drive a Luxury Car in East Hartford

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Calling all Connecticut drivers! Volvo Cars East Hartford should be your destination for getting a new luxury car in the Hartford area.

When you need a quality luxury car, like the Volvo S60, be sure to stop by our dealership at Gengras Volvo East Hartford!

Luxury Volvo Cars to Consider

Driving a Volvo feels more like taking a being at the spa rather than on a commute to work in East Hartford or a drive to a grocery store down the street from your home. When you get inside a Volvo at our dealership near East Hartford, you'll feel…

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What Are The Best Tires To Survive the Connecticut Summer Heat?

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Your tires are a very important part of your car. A fun summer trip can be easily ruined if you have a blown tire that makes you have to stop and change it by the road. That's why you should get the right tires for the season. While many brands claim to be "all-season" tires, some aren't able to withstand high temperatures as well as others. We have provided you with ways to be prepared for the CT summer heat with new tires from Gengras Volvo Cars East Hartford.
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The Durability of the Volvo XC60

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Typically when you are purchasing a vehicle you are thinking about the long-haul, and one of the first questions you ask yourself is how long is this vehicle going to last you. May car buyers want a return on their investment. So when you're investing money into a vehicle then it's important to choose a brand and model that will stand the test of time.


That brand is Volvo, and on average, their vehicles' lifespan lasts a whopping 19.7 years.

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Volvo is Dog Friendly!

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If you are a dog-parent then you are probably interested in a vehicle that is dog friendly. It is actually estimated that 55% of people look for a car that is dog-friendly. Volvo is the perfect vehicle for any dog owner who likes to travel with their pooch. 

Having a vehicle with a rear liftgate is just one of the features that will make it easier for you to accommodate your pets. This will make it lot easier for you to get your dog in and out of the car especially if they are an older dog. 


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How Long Could the Volvo XC60 Last You?

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If you're a car driver who prefers thinking for the long-haul, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is how long does a vehicle last. Getting a return on your investment ic crucial, so when you're investing the kind of money that buying a vehicle involves, it's important to choose a brand that will stick with you for the long haul...

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The 2021 Volvo XC60 Is An Attention Grabber

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If you're looking for something stylish, safe and versatile, consider getting yourself a 2021 Volvo XC60. This SUV is luxurious and is powerful enough to handle various situations. We understand why so many people in Connecticut have come to us specifically interested in this model....


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