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The Luxurious New Volvo XC90

The new Volvo XC90 is roomy, sophisticated and rich with safety features. Newport Beach shoppers are pleased by the fuel economy of the new XC90 from Gengras Volvo Cars East Hartford. It's a midsize SUV that ticks every box for Connecticut travelers.


The new Volvo XC90 offers three powertrains: T5, T6, and T8. The engines in this SUV produce 250-, 316- and 400-horsepower, respectively. The T6 engine has two electric motors and a hybrid system.

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Volvo XC90 R-Design Trim Overview

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The Volvo XC90 is a popular model in the lineup of Volvo luxury SUVs. The new Volvo XC90 R-Design is among the most luxurious trim available. It features all-wheel drive, a turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine, and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Volvo XC90 R-Design is an upgrade of the T6 Premier trim that features a more aggressive exterior as well as a sportier interior. The R-Design trim level also comes with some additional features, like Apple CarPlay, a panoramic sunroof, and heated seats - to name a few.

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Experience Top-Notch Luxury and Audio Technology with the XC90

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While Volvo is popularly known for its design of high-end luxury vehicles, they also have some of the best performance vehicles for both on- and off-road driving. Volvo sedan and SUVs come packed with lots of features and capabilities that put them on the lead and among the bestselling luxury vehicles in the world.

On top of the list of the Volvo SUVs, is the new Volvo XC90. This SUV comes standard with some of the best features that enable it to offer the best and most comfortable ride. Whether you are driving on the highway or rough terrain, the…

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Volvo v. Mercedes-Benz

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To be perfectly transparent, it seems some luxury automakers go out of their way to be confusing in the panoply of models and trims offered East Hartford. Though, this may be considered a "divide and conquer" approach, wherein the deeper you venture, the more complicated the model, options related and, of course, expense.

At Gengras Volvo Cars of East Hartford, we wish to compare the Scandinavian simplicity of the Volvo lineup against ever-complicated, Mercedes-Benz offerings – perhaps mired in too much luxury and detail.

Volvo v. Mercedes-Benz 

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Volvo XC90 Exterior Features

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The Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV that features an exterior design with sweeping curves and sleek lines. It has a strong stance, and the front fascia speaks to its dynamic personality. The headlamps are sleek and modern while their signature round elements provide excellent night visibility, which enhances safety for drivers and passengers in East Hartford alike.
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Trade in Your Current Model for Luxury

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Have you been considering getting your hands on a new vehicle this year? 2022 is the year to do it and do it well with a new Volvo. In addition to the lineup of luxury Volvo vehicles being innovative, updated, and spectacular for 2022, you can also enjoy an updated trade-in experience with our easy online appraisal process. Getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle without squandering the quality or value of your previous one is possible with your local Gengras Volvo Cars dealership. Get started today!

How Our Online Trade-In Process Works

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How Often Should You Get an Oil Change for Your Volvo?

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To a lot of drivers, getting an oil change can feel like more of an arbitrary chore than an important part of car upkeep. If you're being proactive and getting your oil changed regularly, then you'll likely never see exactly what happens if you don't. Slacking on oil changes can be an expensive, eye-opening experience for first-time drivers, and there's a whole roster of nasty surprises (and expenses) you can save by staying on top of it.


Thankfully, there are only a few basic things you need to learn in order to keep your Volvo's…

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Volvo Electric Cars, Crossovers & SUVs Are About to Dominate the Market

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Volvo has committed to providing a hybrid or fully-electric powertrain for all of its cars, crossovers, and SUVs. This is excellent news for drivers who are looking to decrease their carbon footprint and reduce their dependence on gas-powered vehicles.  


As it stands, Volvo has a goal of having 50% of its sales volume to be electric and have one million electric Volvos on the road by the year 2025. 


Since 2019, every new Volvo car, crossover, or SUV will have an electric motor. This decision is a significant leap towards dedicating themselves to environmentally-conscious measures.

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Volvo Offers Free Tows for Life (and More) on Their App!

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The Volvo Cars App completely transforms car ownership! 


Let's get the obvious out the way: if a car brand was JUST offering free towing for life, it would be pretty easy to draw some negative conclusions about the quality of their cars. Thankfully, this is Volvo that we're talking about. It's no secret that Volvo cars are incredibly reliable, boasting long lifespans, durable parts, and safety features that minimize risks of unexpected accidents. 


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A Comparison of Volvo's Different Engines

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There are four available Volvo engines and each one has something exciting to offer. The Volvo T5, T6, T8 Hybrid, and Polestar engines all have unique merits and we here at Gengras Volvo have taken the time to compare and contrast the differences so you can make the right choice for your driving needs and habits.
Volvo T5 Engine
The T5 engine is the standard engine option for most Volvo cars, crossovers, and SUVs. It's available with a front- or all-wheel drivetrain. The Volvo T5 engine is partnered with an 8-speed transmission that provides a silky-smooth transition and…
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