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Reasons to Buy a Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 UK review - 1 .webpThe Volvo XC90 is a top safety choice and a fuel-efficient vehicle for growing families. It’s got plenty to offer motorists. Here are five reasons to buy a Volvo XC90:

Gengras Volvo Cars is the top choice when you’re searching for premium luxury vehicles in East Hartford. 

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Volvo v. Mercedes-Benz

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To be perfectly transparent, it seems some luxury automakers go out of their way to be confusing in the panoply of models and trims offered East Hartford. Though, this may be considered a "divide and conquer" approach, wherein the deeper you venture, the more complicated the model, options related and, of course, expense.

At Gengras Volvo Cars of East Hartford, we wish to compare the Scandinavian simplicity of the Volvo lineup against ever-complicated, Mercedes-Benz offerings – perhaps mired in too much luxury and detail.

Volvo v. Mercedes-Benz 

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Volvo S60 Sedan Interior

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The luxurious new Volvo S60 is equipped with a high-quality interior that will comfortably carry you between your destinations. The interior of the new S60 is enhanced by optional features like ambient lighting and massaging front seats. However, the standard interior of the new Volvo S60 is still very enjoyable.


The interior of the Volvo S60 has been carefully crafted. The standard upholstery of the S60 is smooth and upscale. Nappa leather upholstery is available for the sedan’s interior and brushed aluminum trim pieces accent various sections of the model’s interior.

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Trade in Your Current Model for Luxury

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Have you been considering getting your hands on a new vehicle this year? 2022 is the year to do it and do it well with a new Volvo. In addition to the lineup of luxury Volvo vehicles being innovative, updated, and spectacular for 2022, you can also enjoy an updated trade-in experience with our easy online appraisal process. Getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle without squandering the quality or value of your previous one is possible with your local Gengras Volvo Cars dealership. Get started today!

How Our Online Trade-In Process Works

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Is Volvo Going To Go All Electric?

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Volvo has invested $11 billion in electrified car technology and sold over 500,000 electrified models to date. Yet there has been little to no press around any plans of Volvo becoming an electric car brand, which they've stated is their goal. In mid-2018, when China banned all combustion engine cars, there was a brief moment of the press as Volvo moved production to fully electric vehicles and announced every first model of their new line would be electric. But this moment faded just as quickly as it arose.
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The 2021 Volvo XC40 Is About to Completely Change the Way You Approach Driving

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While the 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge may be Volvo's first electric car, it's made a strong enough impression to make many drivers completely rethink their expectations of e-mobility. This triumph of engineering shows that making the switch to fully electric driving doesn't come with any trade-offs in distance, performance, or refueling time. 


To that end, let's take a look under the hood to understand why making the switch to electric is an absolute game-changer for the way that you think about driving. 


Charging at Home Means Never Having to Visit a Gas (or Charging) Station Again…

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The Volvo S90's Best Performance Features

The Volvo S90 is a car that you can expect more from than the standard sedan with features like Google already integrated into its luxurious Scandinavian design, however its performance features are sure to leave just as much of an impression as its looks and smart features.

Recovered Energy 

The S90 is unique in its ability to conserve fuel and reduce emissions from the tailpipe by recovering energy expelled by the brakes, harnessing it, and storing it in the S90's 48V battery.

A Better Drive

The S90's start/stop technology lends to its ability to give you a…

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Tomorrow's Tech and Audio Features in Today's Volvo S60

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True to its luxury pedigree, the Volvo S60 trounces other sedans in a variety of areas, from capability and efficiency to safety, audio, and tech. Add to this a pristine, richly appointed cabin, and you have the makings of a class-leading vehicle. Our East Hartford, CT Gengras Volvo Cars East Hartford team selected two Volvo S60 audio and tech features for your info.

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Volvo V90 Cross Country

Since it is the upper-level trim in the lineup, this vehicle will indeed have your attention based on the attributes it portrays. It comes with a well-designed interior and exterior, making it a luxurious vehicle to consider.

The V90 Cross Country is also off-road-oriented, thanks to its hill descent control and off-road drive mode. For more convenience, you can opt for massaging seats, Nappa leather upholstery, and rear window sunshades. Powering the Volvo V90 Cross Country is the T6 powertrain configuration, which includes a twin-turbo engine with 316 horsepower. 

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Volvo Electric Cars, Crossovers & SUVs Are About to Dominate the Market

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Volvo has committed to providing a hybrid or fully-electric powertrain for all of its cars, crossovers, and SUVs. This is excellent news for drivers who are looking to decrease their carbon footprint and reduce their dependence on gas-powered vehicles.  


As it stands, Volvo has a goal of having 50% of its sales volume to be electric and have one million electric Volvos on the road by the year 2025. 


Since 2019, every new Volvo car, crossover, or SUV will have an electric motor. This decision is a significant leap towards dedicating themselves to environmentally-conscious measures.

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