The Volvo S60 is a much beloved luxury compact sedan with the heart of a race car. Its elegant, svelte styling belies a roomy interior. Our Gengras Volvo team also truly appreciates the Volvo S60's advanced tech, safety and performance features. Consider the following two performance features for your info.

Start/Stop Technology

Stop-and-go rush hour traffic in East Hartford is the fastest way to eat up your precious, costly fuel. The Volvo S60 Stop/Start Technology saves fuel and driver energy by shutting down the engine when you come to a full stop. The engine restarts the moment you resume driving.

Personalized Power Steering

With the Volvo S60's Personalized Power Steering technology, you can select low, medium or high power steering assistance according to your driving needs and preferences. The power steering assistance augments your own steering at preset speeds designated by the driver.

Discover these and other Volvo S60 performance features with a test drive at Gengras Volvo today.



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