Safe driving in the rain is as much of an art as a science. There are a few things that everyone should do to keep themselves and others on the road safe when it starts to rain. Driving more slowly is the first step as the wet pavement means less traction for your tires. In the event that you have to hit the brakes, you could end up in a potentially dangerous situation.

Avoid using cruise control while you are out driving in the rain. The temptation to use it all the time is always there, but the danger of doing so is real. Cruise control is a great tool, but it can cause the vehicle to accelerate when it is hydroplaning, and that is extremely dangerous.

These are just a couple of considerations that you have to make when driving in the rain. They are small sacrifices that will help keep you and others on the road safer, and you should make these sacrifices to keep everyone safe out there.

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