The Volvo XC90 from Gengras Volvo in East Harford, CT contains within it a number of features that are bound to make you happy. For one thing, the seating has been said to be second to none. It is leather, which is what many luxury drivers prefer, and there are three rows of that seating to accommodate your family and friends.

Check out the touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard and see just how easy it is going to be to control all of the electronic activities that you likely take care of while you are operating your vehicle. You can now do so a little bit easier. You may even discover some new things that you want to use the screen for.

Finally, there are some nice touches in terms of small things that make all the difference. You can open the trunk of the vehicle hands-free, and you can control the temperature of each zone in the vehicle so that no passenger is either too hot or too cold. All these little things add up to make a big difference in the experience that an owner of this vehicle is likely to have.


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