The Stunning Exterior Features Of The Volvo S90

Volvo vehicles have a reputation for being among the safest vehicles on the road. The Volvo S90 is a safe vehicle, and it is a vehicle that provides you with a wealth of luxury features. When you visit Grengas Volvo in East Hartford, CT, you will see that the Volvo S90 has some stunning exterior features.

The headlamps on the Volvo S90 are an attractive exterior feature. The headlamps use LED lights. These lights provide great illumination in hard to see conditions. They are especially effective in foggy and misty conditions. The lights also have an automatic on and off feature for your convenience.

The side mirrors of the Volvo S90 offer functionality and convenience. The side mirrors can fold in while you are parked for added safety. The mirrors also have an auto-dimming function so that the lights of cars behind you don't blind you while you are trying to drive during the night.

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