Which Floor Mat Is Best for Your Car: All-Weather Rubber or Carpet?

Here at Gengras Volvo, we want you to be happy with your new car and educated in the use of accessories that enhance and protect it for a long time to come.

Your floor mats play a significant role in helping maintain the cleanliness and overall appearance of your car's interior. There are options that should be chosen based on how much foot activity (and fast-food crumbs) the mat will experience. If you live and work in places with inclement weather conditions that impact your footwear, then the all-weather, rubber floor mat is a good fit. The accumulation of grim and dirt under your shoe will have less of a permanent impact upon the rubber mat because the dirt and grim can be hosed away. The carpet floor mats give you flexibility with color options. They contribute to the look of the vehicle's interior and work well if you don't track in heavy dirt under your shoe.

Come and see us at Gengras Volvo so we can show you which of our many options might be best for your car.


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