High-Tech Windshield Wipers on the Volvo XC40

In a luxury vehicle such as the Volvo XC40, even the windshield wipers are filled with technology. The popular subcompact SUV is available to drivers at Gengras Volvo. It's available with windshield wipers that are heated and powered by advanced sensors.

The optional rain-sensing windshield wipers are intelligent enough to know when it starts raining. Small sensors will detect even a light drizzle. When this happens, the wipers will turn on automatically so that you can focus on the road ahead. You'll have the opportunity to adjust the sensitivity of the wipers as well as its intermittent frequency.

When the temperature drops, you can take advantage of the heated windshield wipers. Built-in heating elements help to keep the wiper blades warm and pliable. Not only does this help to improve performance in cold weather environments, but it can also prevent freezing issues. The heating elements can prevent the washer fluid nozzles from getting frozen and damaged.



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